Information technologies, methods, and techniques of supply chain management için kapak resmi
Information technologies, methods, and techniques of supply chain management
9781466609198 (ebook)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2012.
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electronic texts (367 p.) : digital files.
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1. Enterprise applications for supply chain management / Susan A. Sherer 2. Information technology implementation prioritization in supply chain: an integrated multi criteria decision making approach / Sreekumar, Debendra Kumar Mahalik, and Gokulananda Patel -- 3. Moderated multiple regression of absorptive capacity attributes and deployment outcomes: the importance of RFID IT infrastructure integration and supply chain process integration / Rebecca Angeles -- 4. A Comparison of information technology usage across supply chains: a comparison of the U.S. beef industry and the U.S. food industry / George Kenyon and Brian D. Neureuther -- 5. Strategies for e-procurement: auto industry hubs re-examined / Mickey Howard, Richard Vidgen, and Philip Powell -- 6. Industry-wide supply chain information integration: the lack of management and disjoint economic responsibility / Stefan Henningsson and Jonas Hedman -- 7. The strategic role of human collaboration in supply chain management / Kenneth Saban and John Mawhinney -- 8. Supply chain dispute resolution: a Delphi study / Frank Wolf and Lee Pickler -- 9. Fair distribution of efficiency gains in supply networks from a cooperative game theory point of view / Stephan Zelewski and Malte L. Peters -- 10. Dynamic price and quantity postponement strategies / Yohanes Kristianto -- 11. Determining optimal price and order quantity under the uncertainty in demand and supplier's wholesale price / Seong-Hyun Nam ... [et al.] -- 12. Simulation of inventory control system in a supply chain using RFID / Ibrahim Al Kattan and Taha Al Khudairi -- 13. Two-commodity Markovian inventory system with set of reorders / N. Anbazhagan and B. Vigneshwaran -- 14. A new look at selecting third-party reverse logistics providers / Reza Farzipoor Saen -- 15. Management of logistics planning / Bjørnar Aas and Stein W. Wallace -- 16. An empirical investigation of third party logistics providers in Thailand: barriers, motivation and usage of information technologies / Duangpun Kritchanchai, Albert Wee Kwan Tan, and Peter Hosie -- 17. Design and development of an e-platform for supporting liquid food supply chain monitoring and traceability / Dimitris Folinas and Ioannis Manikas -- 18. A composite method to compare countries to ascertain supply chain success: case of USA and India / Mark Gershon and Jagadeesh Rajashekhar -- 19. An automated supply chain management system and its performance evaluation / Firat Kart, Louise E. Moser, and P. Michael Melliar-Smith -- 20. Supplier selection by the pair of AR-NF-IDEA models / Reza Saen and Mark Gershon.
"This book has compiled chapters from experts from around the world in the field of supply chain management and provides a vital compendium of the latest research, case studies, frameworks, methodologies, architectures, and best practices within the field of supply chain management"--Provided by publisher.
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