Knowledge management and drivers of innovation in services industries için kapak resmi
Knowledge management and drivers of innovation in services industries
9781466609495 (ebook)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2012.
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electronic texts (288 p.) : digital files.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
1. ALSA CHINA: knowledge management and drivers of development and innovation / Andrés Cosmen -- 2. Knowledge in universities and research centres: proposed indicators for measuring relational capital / Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos -- 3. Alternative call center operational indicators to customer satisfaction / Alexandre Ferreira Oliveira, Luiz Antonio Joia -- 4. How are professional skills acquired?: a structured process of on-the-job learning / Sari Metso, Aino Kianto -- 5. Knowledge management in the public service: the case of the Singapore health promotion board / Hak Seng Ang, Pak Tee Ng -- 6. Assessing knowledge assets in renewable energy SMEs in Scotland: a methodological framework / Antonio Lerro ... [et al.] -- 7. Inside entrepreneurship and innovation activities / George M. Korres -- 8. Achieving competitive advantage through innovation: the case of the Shanghai supermarket / Wei Song -- 9. Adverse events and medical errors in Greece: knowledge creation and capture methods / Athanassios Vozikis -- 10. Dynamics in knowledge / Shigeki Sugiyama -- 11. Towards an improved hotel reservation system: a fuzzy approach to improve service industries / Israel González-Carrasco ... [et al.] -- 12. A risk assessment framework for inter-organizational knowledge sharing / Ruba Aljafari, Surendra Sarnikar -- 13. Knowledge management for web-based learning systems / Kamaljeet Sandhu -- 14. A predictive modeling of retail satisfaction: a data mining approach to retail service industry / M. Hemalatha -- 15. Innovation for e-services management / Kamaljeet Sandhu -- 16. A multi-agent knowledge management system for reactive and proactive knowledge supply / Carlos M. Toledo, Omar Chiotti, María R. Galli -- 17. Framework of knowledge and intelligence base: from intelligence to service / Marc Rabaey, Roger Mercken -- 18. Enhancing information retrieval capabilities of knowledge management systems / Dinesh Rathi, Shannon Lucky, Ali Shiri -- 19. Knowledge management in educational games / Miroslav Minovic, Miloš Milovanovic, Dušan Starcevic.
"This book provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge from experts within the information and knowledge management fields, outlining areas on knowledge management, innovation, information technologies and systems, and services industry"--Provided by publisher.
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