Knowledge management and drivers of innovation in services industries için kapak resmi
Knowledge management and drivers of innovation in services industries
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2012.
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electronic texts (288 p.) : digital files.
1. ALSA CHINA: knowledge management and drivers of development and innovation / Andrés Cosmen -- 2. Knowledge in universities and research centres: proposed indicators for measuring relational capital / Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos -- 3. Alternative call center operational indicators to customer satisfaction / Alexandre Ferreira Oliveira, Luiz Antonio Joia -- 4. How are professional skills acquired?: a structured process of on-the-job learning / Sari Metso, Aino Kianto -- 5. Knowledge management in the public service: the case of the Singapore health promotion board / Hak Seng Ang, Pak Tee Ng -- 6. Assessing knowledge assets in renewable energy SMEs in Scotland: a methodological framework / Antonio Lerro ... [et al.] -- 7. Inside entrepreneurship and innovation activities / George M. Korres -- 8. Achieving competitive advantage through innovation: the case of the Shanghai supermarket / Wei Song -- 9. Adverse events and medical errors in Greece: knowledge creation and capture methods / Athanassios Vozikis -- 10. Dynamics in knowledge / Shigeki Sugiyama -- 11. Towards an improved hotel reservation system: a fuzzy approach to improve service industries / Israel González-Carrasco ... [et al.] -- 12. A risk assessment framework for inter-organizational knowledge sharing / Ruba Aljafari, Surendra Sarnikar -- 13. Knowledge management for web-based learning systems / Kamaljeet Sandhu -- 14. A predictive modeling of retail satisfaction: a data mining approach to retail service industry / M. Hemalatha -- 15. Innovation for e-services management / Kamaljeet Sandhu -- 16. A multi-agent knowledge management system for reactive and proactive knowledge supply / Carlos M. Toledo, Omar Chiotti, María R. Galli -- 17. Framework of knowledge and intelligence base: from intelligence to service / Marc Rabaey, Roger Mercken -- 18. Enhancing information retrieval capabilities of knowledge management systems / Dinesh Rathi, Shannon Lucky, Ali Shiri -- 19. Knowledge management in educational games / Miroslav Minovic, Miloš Milovanovic, Dušan Starcevic.
"This book provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge from experts within the information and knowledge management fields, outlining areas on knowledge management, innovation, information technologies and systems, and services industry"--Provided by publisher.
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Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of eliciting, acquiring, modelling, and managing knowledge. Application of knowledge resources successfully helps the organization to deliver creative products and services. Especially in service business, service job experience and information about the customer, as well as the installed site equipment, are key factors to deliver services efficiently and with high quality. In many cases supporting information is stored in different backend systems and it needs to be retrieved, aggregated, and presented on demand. Knowledge Management and Drivers of Innovation in Services Industries provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge from experts within the Information and Knowledge Management field. Outlining areas on Knowledge Management, Innovation, Information Technologies and Systems, and Services Industry, this book provides insight for academic professors, policymakers, and students alike.