Mobile applications and knowledge advancements in e-business için kapak resmi
Mobile applications and knowledge advancements in e-business
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2013.
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electronic texts (335 p.) : digital files.
Attribute perceptions as factors explaining mobile internet acceptance of cellular customers in Germany: an empirical study comparing actual and potential adopters with distinct categories of access appliances / Torsten J. Gerpott -- Modeling intention to use novel mobile peer-to-peer services / Mikko V.J. Heikkinen, Juuso Töyli -- Social cognitive theory in mobile banking innovations / Vanessa Ratten -- Regulating mobile services: an institution-based view / Indrit Troshani, Sally Rao Hill -- Proposing a hierarchical utility package with reference to mobile advertising / Shalini N. Tripathi, Masood H. Siddiqui -- Value-based analysis of mobile tagging / Oguzhan Aygoren, Kaan Varnali -- Greater accountability, less red tape: the Australian standard business reporting experience / Paul Madden -- The improvement of governance decision making using XBRL / Ahmad Ahmadpour -- Interoperability of XBRL financial statements in the U.S. / Hongwei Zhu, Harris Wu -- XBRL taxonomy for estimating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on corporate financial positions / Fumiko Satoh -- The effect of e-commerce websites' colors on customer trust / Jean Éric Pelet, Panagiota Papadopoulou -- The influence of information technology utilization (ITU) on Supply Chain Integration (SCI) / Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Sushil Sharma -- When parameterized model driven development supports aspect based SOA / Valérie Monfort, Slimane Hammoudi -- Role of mobile based applications in India's social and economic transformation / Sunil Jose Gregory, Gnanapriya Chidambaranathan, Padma Kumar -- Asymmetric upgrading of mobile services: a demand-side explanation / Simona Fabrizi -- The role of litigation in first-mover performance in m-business / Belén Usero, María Ortiz -- An empirical investigation into the sources of customer dissatisfaction with online games / Fan-Chen Tseng, Ching-I Teng -- Creating competitive markets for small businesses with new media and e-business strategy / Mabel T. Kung, Yi Zhang -- What is New York's Amazon tax on internet commerce? / James G.S. Yang -- Market transparency in business-to-business e-commerce: a simulation analysis / Yasin Ozcelik, Zafer D. Ozdemir.
"This book covers emerging e-business theories, architectures, and technologies that are emphasized to stimulate and disseminate cutting-edge information into research and business communities in a timely fashion"--Provided by publisher.
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The emergence of electronic business is one of the most profound changes that revolutionized the process of buying, selling, and exchanging products and services over the Internet. There is a growing demand in electronic business research that will provide insights into issues, challenges, and solutions related to the successful application and management aspects of electronic business. Mobile Applications and Knowledge Advancements in E-Business covers emerging e-business theories, architectures, and technologies that are emphasized to stimulate and disseminate cutting-edge information into research and business communities in a timely fashion. The secondary objective of this publication is to develop a comprehensive framework of e-business by taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding e-business and its implications on businesses and economies. This book will serve as an integrated e-business knowledge base for those who are interested in learning about the advancement of e-business theory and practice through a variety of research methods including theoretical, experimental, case, and survey research methods.