Interdisciplinary advances in information technology research için kapak resmi
Interdisciplinary advances in information technology research
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2013.
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electronic texts (272 p.) : digital files.
The consistency of the medical expert system CADIAG-2: a probabilistic approach / Pavel Picado Klinov, Bijan Parsia, David Muiño -- Development of a knowledge based system for an intensive care environment using ontologies / Ana Torres Morgade ... [et al.] -- Breast cancer diagnosis using optimized attribute division in modular neural networks / Rahul Kala, Anupam Shukla, Ritu Tiwari -- DISMON: using social web and semantic technologies to monitor diseases in limited environments / Ángel M. Lagares-Lemos ... [et al.] -- Self-organizing tree using artificial ants / Hanene Azzag, Mustapha Lebbah -- Co-evolutionary algorithms based on mixed strategy / Wei Hou, HongBin Dong, GuiSheng Yin -- A hyper-heuristic using GRASP with path-relinking: a case study of the nurse rostering problem / He Jiang, Junying Qiu, Jifeng Xuan -- Pareto artificial life algorithm for multi-objective optimization / Jin-Dae Song, Bo-Suk Yang -- An optimization model for the identification of temperature in intelligent building / ZhenYa Zhang, HongMei Cheng, ShuGuang Zhang -- Research of biogeography-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm / Hongwei Mo, Zhidan Xu -- The effects of investments in information technology on firm performance: an investor perspective / Jeffrey Wong, Kevin E. Dow -- Design of an integrated project management information system for large scale public projects: Iranian case study / Mona Taghavi, Ahmed Patel, Hamed Taghavi -- An aspect oriented component based archetype driven development / Rachit Mohan Garg, Deepak Dahiya -- Software developers in India and Norway: professional or national cultures? / Gheorghita Ghinea, Bendik Bygstad, Manoranjan Satpathy -- Secure electronic healthcare records management in wireless environments / Petros Belsis, Christos Skourlas, Stefanos Gritzalis -- Enhancing the disaster recovery plan through virtualization / Dennis Guster, Olivia F. Lee -- The value of government mandated location-based services in emergencies in Australia / Anas Aloudat ... [et al.].
"This book explores multiple fields and the research done as well as how they differentiate and relate to one another"--Provided by publisher.
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Over the last few decades, the constant developments in the IT field have expanded into nearly every discipline and aspect of life. Interdisciplinary Advances in Information Technology Research explores multiple fields and the research done as well as how they differentiate and relate to one another. This collection provides focused discussions from unique perspectives on the latest information technology research. Researchers, practitioners, and professionals will benefit from this publication s broad perspective."