Membrane processing for dairy ingredient separation için kapak resmi
Membrane processing for dairy ingredient separation
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IFT Press series.
Microfiltration for casein and serum protein separation -- Dairy stream lactose fractionation/concentration using polymeric ultrafiltration membrane -- Membrane fouling: a challenge during dairy ultrafiltration -- Dairy protein fractionation and concentration using charged ultrafiltration membranes -- Demineralization of dairy streams and dairy mineral recovery using nanofiltration -- Development and application of reverse osmosis for separation -- Pervaporative extraction of diary aroma compounds -- Membrane chromatography: current applications, future opportunities, and challenges -- Electrodialysis applications on dairy ingredients separation -- Index.
"Membrane processing is a filtration technique in which particles are separated from liquids by being forced through a porous material, or membrane. Applied to dairy products, the separation techniques allow valuable compounds, found in milk, to be isolated for use as ingredients in food processing. A comprehensive overview of membrane separation processes, this book explores various applications such as pressure driven processes, electrical field driven processes, and concentration driven processes, for the recovery of various dairy streams and ingredients. The topics covered place emphasis on new applications, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, and pervaporation. The text also presents in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of each membrane separation process, as well as membrane types and the equipment used in these processes. Combining their educational backgrounds and substantial industrial experience in dairy ingredients processes, the authors address cutting-edge technologies that have been thoroughly researched and have great potential to be commercialized in the near future. The book will therefore be of interest to dairy industry professionals and will serve as a source of reference material for professors and students in food science and engineering."-- Provided by publisher.
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