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Handbook of milk of non-bovine mammals
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Second edition.
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Hoboken, NJ :

John Wiley & Sons,

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Includes index.
Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals; Contents; List of Contributors; 1 Overview of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals (Second Edition); 1 Introduction; 2 Evolution of the Bovine and Non-bovine Dairy Industry; 3 Composition and Secretion of Milk of Minor Species; 4 Features of this Second Edition of Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals; 5 Concluding Remarks; References; 2 Goat Milk; 2.1 Production of Goat Milk; 1 Introduction; 2 Milk Production; 2.1 Breeds of Goats; 2.2 Herd Management Systems; 2.3 Age of Doe, Parity, Lactation Length, Litter Size; 2.4 Nutrition of Doe

2.5 Milking Management Practices2.6 Seasonal Impacts; References; 2.2 Goat Milk -- Chemistry and Nutrition; 1 Introduction; 2 Nutritional and Chemical Composition of Goat Milk; 2.1 Basic Nutrient Composition; 2.2 Lipids; 2.3 Carbohydrates; 2.4 Proteins; 2.5 Polyamines and Nucleotides; 2.6 Enzymes; 2.7 Minerals; 2.8 Vitamins; 3 Physicochemical Characteristics of Goat Milk; 3.1 Physicochemical Properties; 3.2 Micelle Characteristics; 3.3 Relationship between Physicochemical Properties and Rennetability; 4 Nutritional Significance of Goat Milk; References

2.3 Goat Milk Products: Types of Products, Manufacturing Technology, Chemical Composition, and Marketing1 Introduction; 2 Production of Quality Goat Milk and Products -- Regulations; 3 Particularities of Raw Goat Milk in Relation to Product Manufacture; 4 Types of Dairy Goat Products -- Manufacturing Technologies; 4.1 Fluid (Beverage) Goat Milk; 4.2 Goat Milk Cheeses; 4.3 Fermented Goat Milks; 4.4 Evaporated and Powdered Goat Milk Products; 4.5 Fat-Rich Goat Milk Products; 4.6 Frozen Goat Milk Products; 4.7 Miscellaneous Goat Milk Products; 4.8 Sweet Goat Milk Products

4.9 Cosmetic Goat Milk Products5 Chemical Composition of Dairy Goat Products; 5.1 Composition of Various Goat Milk Types; 5.2 Composition of Goat Milk Yogurt; 5.3 Composition of Goat Milk Cheeses and Products; 6 Marketing of Dairy Goat Products and Its Challenges; 6.1 Marketing Strategies for Goat Milk Products; 6.2 Promotion for the Growth of the Dairy Goat Industry; References; 2.4 Therapeutic, Hypo-Allergenic and Bioactive Potentials of Goat Milk, and Manifestations of Food Allergy; 1 Introduction; 2 Causes of Hypersensitivity and Allergic Responses

3 Five Types of Allergic Reactions in the Human Body4 Illustrations of Different Types of Food Sensitivities and Allergies; 5 Symptoms of Food Allergy in General; 6 Incidences of Milk and Food Allergies; 7 Mechanisms of Pathogenesis of Food Allergy; 7.1 Mechanism of Antigen Absorption by the Intestinal Epithelium; 7.2 Mechanism of Immune Response by Host Cell (Animal); 7.3 Relationship between Food Allergy and Intestinal Permeability; 8 Clinical Manifestations of Cow Milk Allergy; 9 Hypoallergenicity of Goat Milk; 9.1 Hypoallergenic Potentials of Goat Milk in Human Patients
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