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Digital color : acquisition, perception, coding and rendering için kapak resmi
Digital color : acquisition, perception, coding and rendering
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1 online resource (xiii, 314 pages) : illustrations.
DSP : digital signal and image processing series

Digital signal and image processing series.
Colorimetry and physiology -- the LMS specification / Françoise Viénot, Jean Le Rohellec -- Color constancy / Jean-Christophe Burie, Majed Chambah, Sylvie Treuillet -- Color appearance models / Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, Alain Trémeau -- Rendering and computer graphics / Bernard Péroche, Samuel Delepoulle, Christophe Renaud -- Image sensor technology / François Berry, Omar Ait Aider -- From the sensor to color images / Olivier Losson, Eric Dinet -- Color and image compression / Abdelhakim Saadane, Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Christophe Charrier -- Protection of color images / William Puech, Alain Trémeau, Philippe Carré -- Quality assessment approaches / Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Abdelhakim Saadane, Christophe Charrier.
In this book the authors identify the basic concepts and recent advances in the acquisition, perception, coding and color rendering. For researchers, engineers, Master and PhD students, this book describes the state of the art about scientific and technical issues raised by the different stages of the digital color process. This book addresses the fundamental aspects related to colorimetry and physiology, constancy and color appearance. It also addresses the more technical aspects related to sensors and color management screen. Particular attention was also paid to the notion of color rendering in computer graphics. Beyond color, a deeper state of the art is also conducted on coding, compression, protection and quality of color images and videos.
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