Functional foods and dietary supplements : processing effects and health benefits için kapak resmi
Functional foods and dietary supplements : processing effects and health benefits
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""Title Page""; ""Copyright Page""; ""Contents""; ""List of Contributors""; ""Preface""; ""I: Fundamentals of Functional Food Processing""; ""1: Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Probiotics as Functional Food Components""; ""1.1 Functional food""; ""1.2 Nutraceuticals""; ""1.3 Functional food market""; ""1.4 Probiotics""; ""1.5 Prebiotics""; ""1.6 Probiotic market""; ""References""; ""2: Bioactive Components in Foods""; ""2.1 Proteins""; ""2.2 Carbohydrate""; ""2.3 Lipids""; ""2.4 Phenols""; ""2.5 Flavonoids""; ""2.6 Anthocyanins""; ""2.7 Glucosinolates""; ""References""

""II: Major Sources of Functional Foods""""3: Processing Effects on Functional Components in Cereals and Grains""; ""3.1 Introduction""; ""3.2 Functional components in cereals and grains""; ""3.3 Processing of cereals and grains and its effect on the functional components""; ""3.4 Conclusion""; ""References""; ""4: Tropical Fruits""; ""4.1 Introduction""; ""4.2 Mango""; ""4.3 Guava""; ""4.4 Pomegranate""; ""4.5 Summary and future trends""; ""References""; ""5: Bioactive Compounds in Meat and their Functions""; ""5.1 Introduction""; ""5.2 Bioactive peptides""; ""5.3 L-Carnitine""

""5.4 Coenzyme Q10""""5.5 Carnosine""; ""5.6 Taurine""; ""5.7 Creatine""; ""5.8 Glutathione""; ""5.9 Lipoic acid""; ""5.10 Opioids""; ""5.11 Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)""; ""5.12 Omega-3 PUFA""; ""5.13 Conclusion""; ""References""; ""6: Bioactive Materials Derived from Seafood and Seafood Processing By-products""; ""6.1 Introduction""; ""6.2 Bioactive materials derived from seafood and seafood processing by-product""; ""6.3 Conclusion""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""References""; ""7: Food Processing By-products as Sources of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals""; ""7.1 Introduction""

""7.2 By-products of plant food processing""""7.3 By-products of processing fruits, vegetables and other crops""; ""7.4 By-products of oil extraction from plant materials""; ""7.5 By-products of processing fish and marine products""; ""References""; ""8: Functionality of Non-starch Polysaccharides (NSPs)""; ""8.1 Introduction""; ""8.2 Novel NSPs of Asian and Oceania origins""; ""8.3 Modification of physical and functional properties of NSPs""; ""8.4 Polysaccharides and human health""; ""8.5 Interactions of NSPs with other food components""; ""8.6 Conclusions""; ""Acknowledgements""
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