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Locke için kapak resmi
9781118327722 (ePub) 1118327721 (ePub) 9781118327708 (Adobe PDF) 1118327705 (Adobe PDF) 9781118327685 1118327683
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Hoboken, NJ :


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1 online resource.
Blackwell great minds ; 14

Blackwell great minds ; 14.
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Includes index.
Blackwell great minds; title page; copyright page; dedication; preface; abbreviations; chapter 1: locke's life; chapter 2: the nature and role of ideas; chapter 3: the negative project: against innatism; chapter 4: the positive project: ideational empiricism; 4.1 Simple Ideas; 4.2 Sensation and Reflection; 4.3 Complex Ideas; 4.4 Abstract Ideas; 4.5 Challenges to Ideational Empiricism: The Ideas of Infinity and Substratum; chapter 5: substances; 5.1 Body, Matter, Space, and Vacuum; 5.2 Spirit; chapter 6: qualities; chapter 7: mental operations; 7.1 Actions and Passions; 7.2 Will and Willing

7.3 Voluntariness and Involuntariness7.4 Freedom, Necessity, and Determination of the Will; 7.5 A Problem; chapter 8: relations; 8.1 Identity and Diversity; 8.2 Moral Relations; chapter 9: language; 9.1 Language and Meaning; 9.2 The Imperfections and Abuses of Language; 9.3 Nominal Essence, Real Essence, and Classification; chapter 10: knowledge and belief; 10.1 The Official Account of Knowledge; 10.2 The Degrees of Knowledge; 10.3 Anti-Dogmatism and Anti-Skepticism; 10.4 Faith and Religious Enthusiasm; chapter 11: moral philosophy; 11.1 Morality and God's Will; 11.2 Natural Law

11.3 Punishment and Slavery11.4 Property; 11.5 Family; chapter 12: political philosophy; 12.1 Political Society; 12.2 Legitimate Rule; 12.3 Varieties of Illegitimate Rule; 12.4 Toleration; index
"Maps the full range of John Locke's highly influential ideas, which even today remain at the heart of debates about the nature of reality and our knowledge of it, as well as our moral and political rights and duties."--Provided by publisher.
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