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Sensory Discrimination Tests and Measurements : Sensometrics in Sensory Evaluation.
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2nd ed.
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Chapter 1 Introduction -- 1.1 Sensometrics -- 1.2 Sensory tests and measurements -- 1.3 A brief review of sensory analysis methodologies -- 1.4 Method, test, and measurement -- 1.5 Commonly used discrimination methods -- 1.6 Classification of sensory discrimination methods -- Chapter 2 Measurements of sensory difference/similarity: Thurstonian discriminal distance -- 2.1 Measurement of sensory difference/similarity -- 2.2 Thurstonian discriminal distance, δ or d' -- 2.3 Variance of d' -- 2.4 Tables and R/S-Plus codes for d' and variance of d' -- 2.5 Computer-intensive approach to Thurstonian models of the "M+N" test -- 2.6 Estimates of population and group d' -- Chapter 3 Measurements of sensory difference/similarity: area under ROC curve in Signal Detection Theory -- 3.1 Area measure of sensory difference/similarity -- 3.2 ROC curve functions -- 3.3 Estimations of the parameters of ROC curves -- 3.4 Estimations of variances of estimators -- 3.5 R/S-Plus codes for estimations of parameters for the three ratings methods -- 3.6 Estimates of population R-index in replicated ratings -- Chapter 4 Difference testing -- 4.1 Binomial model for difference testing -- 4.2 Difference tests using forced-choice methods -- 4.3 Power analysis for tests for one proportion -- 4.4 Discrimination tests using methods with response bias -- 4.5 Power analysis of tests for two proportions -- 4.6 Efficiency comparisons of difference tests -- 4.7 Difference tests for d' and R-index -- Chapter 5 Similarity (equivalence) testing -- 5.1 Introduction -- 5.2 Similarity tests using the Two-Alternative Forced Choice (2-AFC) method -- 5.3 Similarity testing using forced-choice methods -- 5.4 Similarity tests using methods with response bias.
Sensory testing and measurement are the main functions of sensory analysis. In recent years, the sensory and consumer field has evolved to include both difference testing and similarity testing, and new sensory discrimination methods such as the tetrads have received more attention in the literature. This second edition of Sensory Discrimination Tests and Measurements is updated throughout and responds to these changes and includes: A wide range of sensory measurements: Measurements of sensory effect (d', R-index and Gini-index); Measurements of performance of trained sensory panel (Intraclass correlation coefficients and Cronbach?s coefficient alpha); Measurements of relative importance of correlated sensory and consumer attributes (drivers of consumer liking or purchase intent); Measurements of consumer emotions and psychographics; Measurements of time-intensity; Measurements of sensory thresholds; Measurements of sensory risk with negative sensory effects (Benchmark Dose, BMD, methodology) Measurements of sensory shelf life (SSL). A balanced introduction of sensory discrimination tests including difference tests and similarity tests. Bayesian approach to sensory discrimination tests. Modified and multiple-sample discrimination tests. Replicated discrimination tests using the beta-binomial (BB), corrected beta-binomial (CBB), and Dirichlet-multinomial (DM) models. Sensory discrimination methods including the tetrads and the?M+N?. R and S-Plus codes for all the measurements and tests introduced in the book. Mainly intended for researchers and practitioners in the sensory and consumer field, the book is a useful reference for modern sensory analysis and consumer research, especially for sensometrics.
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