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Neuroscience and Social Science The Missing Link
1st ed. 2017.
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XVIII, 546 p. 38 illus., 25 illus. in color. online resource.
Chapter 1: Exploring the borderlands of neuroscience and social science -- Part I - Neuroscientific research on social cognition. Chapter 2: Valuing others: evidence from economics, developmental psychology, and neurobiology -- Chapter 3: Bias and control in social decision-making -- Chapter 4: Neurobiological approaches to interpersonal coordination: Achievements and pitfalls Chapter 5: The social neuroscience of attachment -- Chapter 6: Mindreading in altruists and psychopaths -- Chapter 7: From primary emotions to the spectrum of affect: An evolutionary neurosociology of the emotions -- Chapter 8: Moral cognition and moral emotions -- Chapter 9: On the cognitive (neuro)science of moral cognition: utilitarianism, deontology and the ‘fragmentation of value’ -- Chapter 10: The social/neuro science: Bridging or polarizing culture and biology? -- Part II - Impact of social neuroscience in social spheres. Chapter 11: Dementia and social neuroscience: Historical and cultural perspectives -- Chapter 12: Clinical studies of social neuroscience: A lesion model approach -- Chapter 13: Psychotherapy and social neuroscience: forging links together -- Chapter 14: The brain in the public space: social neuroscience and the media -- Part III - Integration of social and neuroscientific insights. Chapter 15: Electrophysiological approaches in the study of the influence of childhood poverty on cognition -- Chapter 16: The cultural neuroscience of socioeconomic status -- Chapter 17: Social ties, health and wellbeing: A literature review and model -- Part IV - Philosophical contributions on theoretical, methodological, and ethical questions. Chapter 18: The self-domesticated animal and its study -- Chapter 19: How is our self related to its brain? Neurophilosophical concepts -- Chapter 20: Enaction and neurophenomenology in language -- Chapter 21: A pluralist framework for the philosophy of social neuroscience -- Chapter 22: Social neuroscience and neuroethics: a fruitful synergy.
This book seeks to build bridges between neuroscience and social science empirical researchers and theorists working around the world, integrating perspectives from both fields, separating real from spurious divides between them and delineating new challenges for future investigation. Since its inception in the early 2000s, multilevel social neuroscience has dramatically reshaped our understanding of the affective and cultural dimensions of neurocognition. Thanks to its explanatory pluralism, this field has moved beyond long standing dichotomies and reductionisms, offering a neurobiological perspective on topics classically monopolized by non-scientific traditions, such as consciousness, subjectivity, and intersubjectivity. Moreover, it has forged new paths for dialogue with disciplines which directly address societal dynamics, such as economics, law, education, public policy making and sociology. At the same time, beyond internal changes in the field of neuroscience, new problems emerge in the dialogue with other disciplines. Neuroscience and Social Science – The Missing Link puts together contributions by experts interested in the convergences, divergences, and controversies across these fields. The volume presents empirical studies on the interplay between relevant levels of inquiry (neural, psychological, social), chapters rooted in specific scholarly traditions (neuroscience, sociology, philosophy of science, public policy making), as well as proposals of new theoretical foundations to enhance the rapprochement in question. By putting neuroscientists and social scientists face to face, the book promotes new reflections on this much needed marriage while opening opportunities for social neuroscience to plunge from the laboratory into the core of social life. This transdisciplinary approach makes Neuroscience and Social Science – The Missing Link an important resource for students, teachers, and researchers interested in the social dimension of human mind working in different fields, such as social neuroscience, social sciences, cognitive science, psychology, behavioral science, linguistics, and philosophy.


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