Richard Ned Lebow: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, History, Political Philosophy and Psychology için kapak resmi
Richard Ned Lebow: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, History, Political Philosophy and Psychology
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1st ed. 2017.
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XIX, 176 p. 18 illus., 7 illus. in color. online resource.
Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice, 2
Part I: On Richard Ned Lebow -- Career as an International Relations Scholar -- Part II: Commentary on Richard Ned Lebow -- Some Thoughts on Richard Ned Lebow’s The Politics and Ethics of Identity -- Political Psychology: Deterrence and Conflict -- Methods and Philosophy of Science: Psychology, Historical Science and Inefficient Causation -- Social Psychological Micro-foundations for International Relations -- International Relations Theory -- Aristos Eikastes – Ned Lebow as a ‘Themistoclean’ Classicist -- Ned Lebow on the Cold War’s End, and Aftermath -- Part III: Texts by Richard Ned Lebow -- Thucydides the Constructivist -- Beyond Parsimony: Rethinking Theories of Coercive Bargaining Classical Realism -- Part IV: Bibliography -- Bibliography of Richard Ned Lebow’s Publications.
This is the first of four volumes to be published as part of this book series, on the life and work of Richard Ned Lebow. In a career spanning six decades, Richard Ned Lebow has made important contributions to the study of international relations, political and intellectual history, motivational and social psychology, philosophy of science, and classics. He has authored, coauthored or edited 30 books and almost 250 peer-reviewed articles. These four volumes are excerpts from this corpus. The first volume includes an intellectual autobiography, bibliography, and assessments of Lebow's contributions to diverse fields by respected authorities. It shows how a scholar's agenda evolves in response to world events and his efforts to grapple with them theoretically and substantively. It elaborates pathways for addressing these events and their consequences in an interdisciplinary manner, and offers new concepts and methods for doing so. Richard Lebow's research bridges international relations, psychology, history, classics, political theory and philosophy of science. He is author, coauthor, or editor of 34 books and almost 250 peer reviewed articles. Contributors to the book are: Simon Reich – Mervyn Frost - Janice Gross Stein - Stefano Guzzini – Markus Kornprobst - Harald Müller - Christian Wendt - Robert English.


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