Local Government in Australia History, Theory and Public Policy için kapak resmi
Local Government in Australia History, Theory and Public Policy
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1st ed. 2017.
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XXVI, 445 p. 17 illus., 12 illus. in color. online resource.
Chapter 1. Introduction -- Part I: History -- Chapter 2. Origins and Development of Local Government Systems in Australia: An Overview -- Chapter 3. Local Government and the Australian Federation: Regionalisation, Regionalism and the Struggle for Constitutional Recognition -- Part II: Theory -- Chapter 4. Theories of Local Government and Application to Australia -- Part III: Public Policy -- Chapter 5. Autonomy and Local Governments in Australia -- Chapter 6. Community and Community Engagement in Australian Local Government -- Chapter 7. Introduction to Australian Local Government Economics and Finance -- Chapter 8. Leadership in Australian Local Government Systems -- Chapter 9. Ethical Issues in Australian Local Government -- Chapter 10. Local Government Amalgamations -- Chapter 11. The Global City Thesis in the Australian Context: A Case Study of Sydney Global City -- Part IV: Future -- Chapter 12. The Future of Local Government in Australia: Maximising Service Delivery with Political Voice.
This book offers a general introduction to and analysis of the history, theory and public policy of Australian local government systems. Conceived in an international comparative context and primarily from within the discipline of political studies, it also incorporates elements of economics and public administration. Existing research tends to conceptualise Australian local government as an element of public policy grounded in an 'administrative science' approach. A feature of this approach is that generally normative considerations form only a latent element of the discussions, which is invariably anchored in debates about institutional design rather than the normative defensibility of local government. The book addresses this point by providing an account of the terrain of theoretical debate alongside salient themes in public policy.
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