Global perspectives on human migration, asylum, and security için kapak resmi
Global perspectives on human migration, asylum, and security
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Chapter 1. Thana-capitalism and the sense of reality: lessons unlearned -- Chapter 2. Refugees or migrants: fascistisation and punishment -- Chapter 3. How can world leaders understand the perverse core of terrorism?: Terror in the global village -- Chapter 4. Providente asylum vs. the Council of Europe: the case of Greece -- Chapter 5. Supporter, activist, rebel, terrorist: children in Syria -- Chapter 6. The Syrian refugee crisis and the role of the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) -- Chapter 7. Hate speech towards Syrian refugees in Turkish online reader comments -- Chapter 8. LGBT right activism and the risk of christianophobia in Nigeria.
"This book explores migration, asylum and security in the European Union, the USA and developing countries while providing for further research opportunities in this dynamically changing field. It provides the resources for legal scholars, academics, sociologists, human rights activists and policy makers to adopt and implement new policies on asylum of migration for human rights protection"-- Provided by publisher.
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