Social considerations of migration movements and immigration policies için kapak resmi
Social considerations of migration movements and immigration policies
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Chapter 1. The securitization theory and migration: the case of Russia's securitization of Europe's migration crisis -- Chapter 2. The international migration movements and immigrant policies from the Ottoman Empire 1299 to Republican Turkey 2016 -- Chapter 3. Municipalities and refugee crisis: Ansar policies and numbers -- Chapter 4. Evaluation of the migration phenomenon as an economics dimension -- Chapter 5. Dispersion, diaspora identity and belonging: a case study on the Turkish migrants in Copenhagen -- Chapter 6. Staff development programs in the wake of migration and refugee crisis -- Chapter 7. An insight into global perspectives on human resources management practices for immigrants and refugees -- Chapter 8. PKK-related asylum applications from Turkey: counter-terrorism measures vs. refugee status -- Chapter 9. Social capital and immigrants -- Chapter 10. Peace building lessons from the civilian survival strategy of flight in Syria, 2011-2016 -- Chapter 11. Through the Syrians refuge in Turkey towards the creation of the war migration theory -- Chapter 12. The politics of humanitarian aid and civil protection policies for refugees in the Erzurum City of Turkey -- Chapter 13. Is Turkey well prepared for the integration of immigrants? -- Chapter 14. I am safe while playing; I know you feel the same emotions.
A pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly material on the socio-economic effects of immigration and refugee crises on regional and international levels. Including a range of innovative perspectives such as peace building, political refugees, and civil protection, this book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, graduate students, policy makers, and practitioners interested in the social dimensions of migration and immigration policies.
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