Utilizing consumer psychology in business strategy için kapak resmi
Utilizing consumer psychology in business strategy
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16 PDFs (xii, 325 pages)
Chapter 1. An introduction to consumer psychology -- Chapter 2. Perception -- Chapter 3. Learning -- Chapter 4. Memory -- Chapter 5. Attitudes -- Chapter 6. Motivations -- Chapter 7. Emotions -- Chapter 8. Personality -- Chapter 9. Self -- Chapter 10. Lifestyles and values.
"This book explores how consumer behavior and decision-making process always have been the main point of businesses; from the profit-making ones to charitable ones, from marketing practitioners and academics to psychology professionals. It provides detailed knowledge about humans' psychological attributes in their roles as consumers. It provides detailed knowledge about how consumers think, feels, decides and acts"-- Provided by publisher.
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Consumer behavior is becoming increasingly complex in the current global market. A broader understanding of the psychologically driven motivation of consumers and characteristics of the consumer decision-making process is vital for effective customer engagement. Utilizing Consumer Psychology in Business Strategy provides emerging research on consumer behavior and decision-making processes through the lens of business advancement and innovation. While highlighting topics such as brand personality, consumer perception, and marketing strategy, this publication explores various types of consumer behavior and methods to maximize benefits and efficiency. This book is an important resource for business administrators, managers, practitioners, academics, and students seeking emerging research on the consumer markets.