Always-on enterprise information systems for modern organizations için kapak resmi
Always-on enterprise information systems for modern organizations
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17 PDFs (xvi, 257 pages)
Chapter 1. Always-on enterprise information systems: the concept, attributes, and implementation drivers -- Chapter 2. The always-on business model and competitive advantage -- Chapter 3. Always on guard: how a corporate immune system can engage full-spectrum risks a conceptual framework to re-engineer organizational capability and culture -- Chapter 4. Business continuity and information systems: a systematic literature review -- Chapter 5. Always-on sport content multimedia delivery over internet in Croatia -- Chapter 6. The risk management profession in Australia: business continuity plan practices -- Chapter 7. Enterprise risk management software: user requirements -- Chapter 8. Two approaches in assessing business continuity management attitudes in the organizational context -- Chapter 9. The role of information system monitoring in improving system availability -- Chapter 10. Always-on enterprise information systems with service-oriented architecture and load balancing.
"This book presents an integrated framework for applying continuous computing information technologies in order to provide an "always-on" information system or at least "highly available information system" for modern organizations. It also explores the relationships between concepts and solutions such as continuous computing, always-on enterprise information system, business continuity and business resilience"-- Provided by publisher.
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Continuous improvements in digitized practices have created opportunities for businesses to develop more streamlined processes. This not only leads to higher success in day-to-day production, but it increases the overall success of businesses. Always-On Enterprise Information Systems for Modern Organizations is a critical scholarly resource that examines how EIS implementations support business processes and facilitate this in today's e-business environment. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as customer relations management, supply chain management, and business intelligence, this book is geared towards professionals, researchers, managers, consultants, and university students interested in emerging developments for business process management.