Ethics and decision-making for sustainable business practices için kapak resmi
Ethics and decision-making for sustainable business practices
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Chapter 1. Ethical practices, buyer-supplier relationship, and innovative Green procurement performance: some exploratory results -- Chapter 2. The typological and psychological features of the entrepreneur and their impact on ethical behavior -- Chapter 3. The effects of supervisor performance feedback on employee satisfaction in Romanian enterprises -- Chapter 4. Endogenous ethics in evolutionary learning model contra utilitarianism: endogenous ethics -- Chapter 5. Ethical dilemma of the digital divide in the threshold of social inequalities in Africa -- Chapter 6. Regulatory compliance, ethical behaviour, and sustainable growth in Nigeria's telecommunications industry -- Chapter 7. Business ethics and cost management in SMEs: theories of business ethics and cost management ethos -- Chapter 8. The role of social entrepreneurship and social economy in Romanian sustainable business development: social entrepreneurship and social economy -- Chapter 9. Online advertising: initial vs. further avoidance -- Chapter 10. The role of communication in business decision making: communication in business -- Chapter 11. CSR initiatives: an opportunity for the business environment -- Chapter 12. Librarians and the evolving research needs of distance students -- Chapter 13. Describing coopetition among destinations: evidence from the UNWTO Silk Road Program -- Chapter 14. The philosophy of the objective and purpose of Islamic law: economic protection of the elderly -- Chapter 15. Ethical behavior and the development paradigm.
"This book explores how business success could develop new models of governance and innovation strategies. It investigates the new entrepreneurial approaches where economic and social aspects become mutually supportive to enhance their impact on communities' development and to extend the discussion of the ethical and cultural foundations of economics and economic systems"-- Provided by publisher.
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Alongside increasing demands for transparency and accountability, business governance is transforming due to decades of economic turmoil, regulatory reform, and technological change. There is now a holistic approach to this concept, as it is no longer just about running companies and organization efficiently. Ethics and Decision-Making for Sustainable Business Practices is a critical scholarly resource that examines issues of sustainability, ethics, governance, and cultural influence in the business world. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as entrepreneurship, cost management, environmental business, and cultural diversity, this book is geared towards managers, leaders, researchers, and organizations interested in the integration of sustainable business practices.