Improving business performance through effective managerial training initiatives için kapak resmi
Improving business performance through effective managerial training initiatives
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23 PDFs (xxiv, 316 pages)
Section 1. Methods, practices, and strategies to improve the enterprise performance. Chapter 1. Enterprise agility in today's era of complexity ; Chapter 2. Risk taxonomy and strategic rationality in enterprise decision-making process: a metacognitive analysis ; Chapter 3. Learning-performance relationship: a new holistic, dynamic, and strategic organizational approach ; Chapter 4. Knowledge as quantum leap: a resource of innovative factors to manage unpredictability ; Chapter 5. The benchmarking practices as a strategic option to improve the performance of economic companies -- Section 2. Management case study. Chapter 6. Orientism management strategy for entrepreneurial mindset in the school governance ; Chapter 7. Key success factors for developing and implementing a workplace skills plan ; Chapter 8. Using big data as a backbone for Thailand 4.0: a proposed framework ; Chapter 9. Strategists from the past, as encrypted cognitive maps, whose access Code is the will of learning solutions ; Chapter 10. Managerial mindsets in the academic world: the crisis of educational organizations ; Chapter 11. Impact of e-commerce on agricultural business success ; Chapter 12. Extended managerial implications: people and space in the twenty-first century.
"This book provides theoretical foundation and empirical support for developing an effective managerial mindset in people and professionals, presenting emerging key management strategies, contextualized processes, organizational analysis, and innovative management tools, techniques and technologies. Special focus is dedicated to approaches to agile, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD.)"-- Provided by publisher.
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