Green computing strategies for competitive advantage and business sustainability için kapak resmi
Green computing strategies for competitive advantage and business sustainability
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Chapter 1. Advances in green cloud computing -- Chapter 2. Integrating sustainability into IT/IS project evaluation methods -- Chapter 3. Green IT readiness and directions of power consumption -- Chapter 4. Energy-efficient query processing in a combined database and web service environment -- Chapter 5. Let's go green: towards a taxonomy of green computing enablers for business sustainability -- Chapter 6. Environmental sustainability in the computer industry for competitive advantage -- Chapter 7. Order-supply information service in solid wood fuel business -- Chapter 8. Sustaining competitive advantage in SME sector through green computing -- Chapter 9. Factors affecting towards green purchase behavior among young consumers in India -- Chapter 10. Success factors of adoption of mobile applications in rural India: effect of service characteristics on conceptual model.
"This book highlights the critical steps needed for green transformation, which help organizations and businesses reach their environmental goals. It explores topical issues like green strategy, green transformation, green technology, green revolution, ecology system, sustainability supply chain, green and sustainable innovation, global warming, energy efficient system, recycling and reuse systems, product usability, reverse supply chain"-- Provided by publisher.
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In the age of corporate responsibility, green technology and sustainability continue to grip the consciousness of businesses. However, the development of appropriate business-driven green computing applications requires an awareness of the best practices of the green agenda. Green Computing Strategies for Competitive Advantage and Business Sustainability provides emerging research on maintaining an eco-friendly environment regarding cloud computing and promoting reusability. While highlighting competitive advantages, power consumption, and project evaluation, readers will learn about various techniques for reducing energy consumption in cloud performance and information technology systems. This book is a vital resource for academics, researchers, students, professionals, and managers interested in novel trends in green computing applications and technology.