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Gamification in education : breakthroughs in research and practice
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Section 1. Game design and development. Chapter 1. Designing engaging educational games and assessing engagement in game-based learning ; Chapter 2. Conceptual possibilities and restraints in educational games ; Chapter 3. Beyond fun: pintrich, motivation to learn, and games for learning ; Chapter 4. Bridging research and game development: a learning games design model for multi-game projects ; Chapter 5. Designing and deploying 3D collaborative games in education ; Chapter 6. The practical accomplishment of location-based game-play: Design and analysis of mobile collaborative gaming ; Chapter 7. The theory and process involved with educational augmented reality game Design ; Chapter 8. Co-creating games with children: a case study ; Chapter 9. Can pre-service teachers create digital game-based activities without coding knowledge? -- Section 2. Gamification in higher education. Chapter 10. An investigation into the gamification of E-learning in higher education ; Chapter 11. An overview and study on the use of games, simulations, and gamification in higher education ; Chapter 12. Teaching case of gamification and visual technologies for education ; Chapter 13. Developing teacher knowledge about gamification as an instructional strategy ; Chapter 14. Design and development of a simulation for testing the effects of instructional gaming characteristics on learning of basic statistical skills ; Chapter 15. Applying gamification in a parallel programming course -- Section 3. Gamification in K-12 education. Chapter 16. Teachers' experience and reflections on game-based learning in the primary classroom: views from England and Italy ; Chapter 17. Finding and evaluating great educational games ; Chapter 18. Adoptability of e-textbooks featuring educational online games ; Chapter 19. Conceptions and instructional strategies of pre-service teachers towards digital game based learning integration in the primary education curriculum ; Chapter 20. Playful transition: serious games for the middle school years ; Chapter 21. Towards a model of playful learning: gamification strategies in the i2Flex classroom ; Chapter 22. A computer-based game that promotes mathematics learning more than a conventional approach -- Section 4. Gamification in vocational learning. Chapter 23. An international survey ; Chapter 24. Vocational learning mediated by constructive competition -- Section 5. General topics and perspectives. Chapter 25. Instructional strategies for game-based learning ; Chapter 26. Why game-based learning did not achieve what it could achieve: challenges and success factors ; Chapter 27. Learning from social collaboration: a paradigm shift in evaluating game-based learning ; Chapter 28. A game-based approach to teaching social problem-solving skills ; Chapter 29. Games and their embodied learning principles in the classroom: connecting learning theory to practice ; Chapter 30. Leveling up the classroom: a theoretical approach to education gamification ; Chapter 31. What is the "learning" in games-based learning? ; Chapter 32. Education, "pointsification," empowerment?: a critical view on the use of gamification in educational contexts ; Chapter 33. Generating data by gamifying education.
"This book is an innovative reference source for the latest academic material on the different approaches and issues faced in integrating games within curriculums to achieve successful and enjoyable learning activities. Highlighting a range of topics such as learning through play, virtual worlds, and educational computer games"-- Provided by publisher.


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Serious games provide a unique opportunity to fully engage students more than traditional teaching approaches. Understanding the best way to utilize these games and the concept of play in an educational setting is imperative for effectual learning in the 21st century. Gamification in Education: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is an innovative reference source for the latest academic material on the different approaches and issues faced in integrating games within curriculums. Highlighting a range of topics, such as learning through play, virtual worlds, and educational computer games, this publication is ideally designed for educators, administrators, software designers, and stakeholders in all levels of education.