Multidisciplinary perspectives on human capital and information technology professionals için kapak resmi
Multidisciplinary perspectives on human capital and information technology professionals
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Chapter 1. Analysis of role stress in the Indian IT industry -- Chapter 2. Recruitment trends in the contemporary era -- Chapter 3. What emotional intelligence does to organizational stress: exploring the Indian information technology sector -- Chapter 4. Employee online communities: a tool for employee engagement and retention -- Chapter 5. The need for multi-disciplinary approaches and multi-level knowledge for cybersecurity professionals -- Chapter 6. A community-driven mobile system to support foreign language learning -- Chapter 7. From motivation and self-structure to a decision-support framework for online social networks -- Chapter 8. Handling the dataflow in business process models -- Chapter 9. Principles of secure access and privacy in combined e-learning environment: architecture, formalization, and modelling -- Chapter 10. A research on students' perceptions on a B-learning English environment to improve written skills -- Chapter 11. An empirical study of the Indian IT sector on typologies of workaholism as predictors of HR crisis -- Chapter 12. Analysis of the European ICT competence frameworks -- Chapter 13. Competence e-assessment based on semantic web: from modeling to validation -- Chapter 14. Determinants of job satisfaction and its impact on affective, continuance, and normative commitment of employees: an empirical study -- Chapter 15. Empathy and mindfulness: exploring the possible predictors of authentic leadership -- Chapter 16. High involvement work processes: implications for employee withdrawal behaviors -- Chapter 17. Three new directions for time banking research: information management, knowledge management, and the open source model.
"This book focuses on the IT field from the outlook of industry professionals and covers multidisciplinary themes such as human resource management, sociology, psychology, and management along with technology itself. It emphasizes articles linking theory with application or critically analyzing cases with the objective of identifying good practice in the management of IT human capital"-- Provided by publisher.
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In this technological age, the information technology (IT) industry is an important facet of society and business. The IT industry is able to become more efficient and successful through the examination of its structure and a larger understanding of the individuals that work in the field. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals is a critical scholarly resource that focuses on IT as an industry and examines it from an array of academic viewpoints. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics, such as employee online communities, role stress, and competence frameworks, this book is targeted toward academicians, students, and researchers seeking relevant research on IT as an industry.