Enhancing competitive advantage with dynamic management and engineering için kapak resmi
Enhancing competitive advantage with dynamic management and engineering
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Chapter 1. Modern approaches for organizational dynamism: business processes and business process orientation -- Chapter 2. Facing the challenges of nostalgia international markets -- Chapter 3. Workforce management practices in volunteer-based operations for the generation of social and economic value -- Chapter 4. Diversity management interventions for enhancing competitive advantage: a synthesis of current research and literature -- Chapter 5. Challenging the theoretical lenses of internationalization: a case study analysis -- Chapter 6. Collaborative system approach for enterprise engineering and enterprise architecture: a literature review -- Chapter 7. Sustainable competitive advantage through business model innovation: the Indian perspective -- Chapter 8. Thought process of a new graduate which leads to behavioral intention to apply for a job vacancy: a conceptual model.
"This book explores how in the business-engineering world there is a growing importance of sophisticated analysis for managers to support decision making, to use strategic information and innovative tools in order to guide thinking and behavior as well as to manage more strategically to adapt environments and achieve the organization's aims"-- Provided by publisher.
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While many advances have been made in understanding the complexity of manufacturing and production engineering, the social and organizational context remains problematic due to the abstract nature of leadership and diverse personnel. Interdisciplinary perspectives to increase knowledge and understanding of engineering management and related processes are necessary in the industry. Enhancing Competitive Advantage With Dynamic Management and Engineering is an essential reference source containing scholarly research on the relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings of strategic administration in engineering. It also explores how to better merge, interrelationship organizations, management, and employee needs in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as business process orientation, diversity management, and enterprise architecture, this book provides vital research for managers, researchers, engineers, and other professionals within engineering and production management.