Effective open innovation strategies in modern business : emerging research and opportunities için kapak resmi
Effective open innovation strategies in modern business : emerging research and opportunities
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Chapter 1. Role of virtual reality in open innovation business initiatives -- Chapter 2. Significance of knowledge harvesting in open innovation in business ventures -- Chapter 3. Importance of business process reengineering in open innovation projects -- Chapter 4. Making use of intellectual property in open innovation business activities -- Chapter 5. Advantages in making use of information and communication technology in designing open innovation business models -- Chapter 6. Need for making use of social media channels for open innovation management -- Chapter 7. Evaluation of investments in open innovation ventures.
"This book highlights the importance of inter discipline concepts in open innovation projects. It explores the concepts of virtual reality, knowledge harvesting, business process re-engineering, intellectual capital, social media and electronic devices with relevance to open innovation initiative"-- Provided by publisher.
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Globalization has created an increase in the number of business opportunities presented to enterprises. A competitive market places demands on businesses to think differently and follow new approaches to managing their business goals and remaining acceptable to suppliers and service providers. Effective Open Innovation Strategies in Modern Business: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a comprehensive resource that focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary concepts in open innovation projects. Using case illustrations, the book examines concepts such as virtual reality, knowledge harvesting, and business process reengineering in relation to open innovation initiatives. As a publication exploring the areas of management and information technology disciplines, this resource is useful for corporate executives, business managers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and graduate-level students seeking current research on business innovation techniques and approaches.