Crucial images in the presentation of a Kurdish national identity : Heroes and Patriots, Traitors and Foes. için kapak resmi
Crucial images in the presentation of a Kurdish national identity : Heroes and Patriots, Traitors and Foes.
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Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Note on Transliteration -- Preview -- Introduction -- PART ONE: "AWAKENING" THE KURDS -- Chapter One: The 19th-century Background: Religion and Tribalism -- Chapter Two: Hamidian Opposition -- Chapter Three: Kürdistān -- Chapter Four: Mem ū Zīn -- Chapter Five: İstanbul-Promulgating the Case for Kurdish Interests -- 1. Kürd Te'āvün ve Terakkī Cem'īyeti and its Periodical -- 2. Hēvī, Rojē Kurd, Hetavē Kurd -- Chapter Six: Post-War Mobilization -- 1. Kürdistān Te'ālī Cem'īyeti -- 2. Jīn and Kürdistān -- 3. Hēvī -- PART TWO: THE KURDISH QUESTION IN THE TURKISH REPUBLIC -- Chapter One: Sükrü Mehmed Sekbān: The Patriot -- Chapter Two: Azadī and the Sheykh Sa'īd Revolt -- Chapter Three: A Letter to Inönü -- Chapter Four: Khoybūn and the Ararat Revolt -- Chapter Five: Türeyyā Bedir Khān -- 1. Imagining the Enemy and the Continuity of Revolt -- 2. The Turkish Press and Conflicting Images of the Sa'īd Revolt: Fanatics or Rebels? -- 3. The same Turk -- Chapter Six: Sükrü Mehmed Sekban, the "Traitor": Denying Legitimacy -- Arguing Viability -- Chapter Seven: Celādet Bedir Khān's Letter to Atatürk: a Lesson in Kurdishness -- Chapter Eight: Celādet's De la question kurde -- 1. Trick or Treason -- 2. The History of the Kurdish Question in Turkey -- 3. The Deportation Law -- PART THREE: A "NOVEL" APPROACH TO PRESENTING THE KURDISH NATION -- Chapter One: The Bedir Khāns and French Orientalists -- Chapter Two: Kāmurān's Literary Career -- Chapter Three: "The Eagle of Kurdistan": Heroes, Patriots, Traitors, Foes -- Chapter Four: Celebrating the Kurds -- Chapter Five: The Battle for Kurdistan -- Chapter Six: Epilogue: The Glories of Kurdistan -- Conclusion -- Bibliography -- Annex -- Illustrations I-XII -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- X -- Y.

This work covers the discourse on Kurdishness and the development of the Kurdish national movement from its inception at the end of the 19th century to the late 1930s. It examines the efforts of aspiring Kurdish leaders to "awaken" their fellow Kurds to the necessity of the Kurdish cause.
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