Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna : A Children's Classic At 100. için kapak resmi
Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna : A Children's Classic At 100.
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Jackson :

University Press of Mississippi,


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1 online resource (290 pages)
Children's Literature Association Ser.
Cover -- Half-title -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Glad to be 100: The Making of a Children's Classic -- The Pollyanna Story: From Porter to Parcheesi -- Visualizing and Placing Pollyanna -- Pollyanna: Critical Reception and Scholarship -- Pollyanna: Critical Reception and Scholarship -- The Chapters -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Part I: Pollyanna's World -- 1. "Then just being glad isn't pro-fi-ta-ble?": Mourning, Class, and Benevolence in Pollyanna -- "Practically nothing": Mourning and an Orphan's Worth -- "The little attic room": The Site of Mourning -- "I love different folks": Benevolence as the Work of Mourning -- "I can be glad I've had my legs": Pollyanna's Work -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 2. "Aggressive femininity": The Ambiguous Heteronormativity of Pollyanna -- Aggressive Femininity: On Productive Ambiguity -- The Ambiguity of the Patriarchal Glad Game -- The Economics of Romance -- Feminine Aggression: Destabilizing Gender -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 3. "Matter out of place": Dirt, Disorder, and Ecophobia -- Urbanization and Cleanliness -- Dirt and Disorder -- Matter out of Place -- Flies, Other Unwanted Creatures, and Little Boys -- Order in the Garden -- Ecophobia -- Twenty-first-century Aunt Pollys -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 4. "Ice-cream Sundays": Food and the Liminal Spaces of Class in Pollyanna -- "I don't see how she can help liking ice-cream": Food, Memory, and Familial Relationships -- "No matter where ye be": Pollyanna's Eating Spaces -- "The pertater on t'other side of the plate": Immigrant Relations to Food -- "Beans and fishballs": Negotiating the Appropriate Appetite -- Conclusion -- Works Cited -- 5. At Home in Nature: Negotiating Ecofeminist Politics in Heidi and Pollyanna -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Part II: Ideological Pollyanna.

6. The "veritable bugle-call": An Examination of Pollyanna through the Lens of Twentieth-Century Protestantism -- A Sentimental Reflection -- Protestantism at the "Turn of the Century": The Social Gospel -- Doing God's Work at Home and Abroad: The Missionary Motif -- "[I]f 'twasn't for the rejoicing texts": The Biblical Passages -- Coda: The Film's Patriotic Christianity -- Conclusion -- Note -- Works Cited -- 7. Pollyanna, the Power of Gladness, and the Philosophy of Pragmatism -- James's Will to Believe and Porter's Glad Game -- Beyond the Glad Game: The Power of Pollyanna's Knowing -- The Dark Side of the Glad Game -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 8. When Pollyanna Did Not Grow Up: Girlhood and the Innocent Nation -- Domestic Novels as Political Allegories -- Innocence and Home Spaces: Pollyanna as Allegory -- Replacing Marital Bliss with Childhood Innocence -- The Nostalgic Nation of Children's Literature -- Childhood and Nation Formation: Foreign Affairs -- Childhood and Nation Formation: The National Sphere -- Cleansing the Home with Gladness: Pollyanna's Unconscious Evangelism -- Imagining the Nation through the Good Girl -- Home Again: Restoring Hope, Prolonging Childhood, and Protecting the Innocence -- Works Cited -- 9. Pollyanna: Intersectionalities of the Child, the Region, and the Nation -- Nation and Region in the American Orphan Story -- Intersectionality of the Child, the Region, and the Nation -- Reinforcing Nationalism through an Intersectional Matrix -- Conclusion -- Works Cited -- Part III: Adapted Pollyanna -- 10. The Gospel of Good Cheer: Innocence, Spiritual Healing, and Patriotism in Mary Pickford's Pollyanna -- A Doctrine of Health and Happiness: Pollyanna and Spiritual Growth -- The Persistence of Innocence: Pollyanna and Sentimentalism -- Pollyanna and the Great War -- Hollywood's Soldiers: Pickford and Patriotism.

Pollyanna's Hollywood -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 11. "Almost a golden glow around it": The Filmic Nostalgia of Walt Disney's Pollyanna -- 1950s America and Hollywood: Success and Struggle -- Formal Choices: Creating a "golden glow" through Sight and Sound -- The Power of Play -- Myth-making -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 12. Pollyanna: Transformation in the Japanese Context -- Translated Western Children's Stories in Early Modern Japan -- Japanese Appropriation of Pollyanna in Translations -- An Orphan Girl in Overalls: Japanese Appropriation of Pollyanna in Anime -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Works Cited -- 13. Pollyanna in Turkey: Translating a Transnational Icon -- Pollyanna's Arrival and Adaptation in Turkey -- Pollyanna and the Politics of Translation -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Afterword: Lessons from Pollyanna -- Contributors -- Index.
A thorough examination of the context and impact of the irrepressibly optimistic literary darling.
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