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Kurds of Iraq : Building a State Within a State.
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Intro -- Book Title -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- List of Acronyms -- Map of Kurdistan -- ch1-The Evolution of Kurdish Nationalism -- Who Are the Kurds? -- State vs. Ethnicity: The Historiographical Debate -- The Kurds of Iraq and the State: Anatomy of a Changing Relationship -- What's in a Name? Kurdish Autonomy -- Notes -- Part 1-The Kurds and the Iraqi State, 1968-1980 -- ch2-The Long Road to Kurdish Autonomy -- The Baathi Approach to Kurdish Nationalism: A Paradox -- The Kurdish Camp: The Good, the Bad, and the Juhush -- Ripening Conditions for Dialogue -- Preparing the Baath Party's Conceptual Framework -- The Labyrinth of Negotiations -- Notes -- ch3-Paved with Good Intentions -- Euphoria Meets Reality -- Opening Pandora's Box -- Burning the Bridges of Trust -- Notes -- ch4-Unholy Alliances -- The Iran-Iraq-Soviet Triangle -- Iran Plays the Kurdish Card -- The "Hidden Hands" of the United States -- Israel and the Kurds: My Enemy's Enemy -- Activating the CIA Aid Plan -- Notes -- ch5-Deteriorating Relationships -- The Nationalization of the Kirkuk Oil Fields -- The Second Assassination Attempt on Barzani -- Narratives in Closed Circles -- Stratagems for Isolating the KDP -- Notes -- ch6-Marginalizing the Kurds -- The Kurdish Question and the October War -- The KDP-ICP Conflict: A Diversionist Exercise? -- Notes -- ch7-An Imposed Autonomy -- Preparing the Ground for an Imposed Autonomy -- The Baath Autonomy Model -- Closing the Circle -- Notes -- ch8-A Time for War -- The Kurdistan Theater -- A Balance of Weakness -- Tortuous Negotiations with Iran -- A Kurdish Defeat by Proxy: The Algiers Agreement -- The Kurds Between the Hammer and the Anvil -- The Collapse of the Rebellion -- Notes -- ch9-Interregnum -- The Baath-The Best of All Times -- Reeducating the Kurds -- A Renewed Struggle for Autonomy -- Notes.

Part 2-Caught in the Crossfire, 1980-1998 -- ch10-"One War Begets Another": The Iran-Iraq War -- Mutual Threat Perceptions -- The Baath Counter-Alliances -- Anfal: Baghdad's Pyrrhic Victory -- The Halabja Massacre -- A Final Solution? -- The Fallout of the Iran-Iraq War -- Notes -- ch11-Rising from the Ashes -- The Kurdish Intifada -- A Window of Opportunity for the Kurds -- Baghdad's Strategy in Kurdistan Backfires -- Winds of Change: Kurdish Self-Rule -- Formidable Odds Against Kurdish Self-Rule -- Notes -- ch12-The Birth Pangs of Kurdish Self-Rule -- Between Unity and Fratricide -- Roots of the Conflict -- Iraqi Kurds vs. Turkish Kurds -- Baghdad Faces an Abnormal Situation -- The Changing Role of Iraq's Neighboring Countries -- Turkey's Pivotal Role -- Reaching Out to the Outside World -- Notes -- ch13-Uncivil War in Kurdistan -- Awkward Alliances and Strange Bedfellows -- Baghdad as a Proxy in the Kurdish Infighting -- Baghdad's Sweet, Short Victory -- The United States Mediates Between the Kurdish Warring Parties -- Mas'ud Barzani's Volte-Face Reconsidered -- Notes -- Part 3-A Kurdish Entity in the Making, 1998-2010 -- ch14-The Foreign Relations Imbroglio -- The Peace Brokers -- The Bridge of Amity Between Baghdad and the KRG -- Iran and Turkey: Roles Reversed -- Turkey, the Reluctant Builder of Iraqi Kurdistan -- The Arab-Kurdish Nexus -- The United States and the Kurds: Unlikely Allies? -- The Countdown to the 2003 US Invasion of Iraq -- Notes -- ch15-From Victims to Victors -- Kurdish Soul-Searching -- Nation Building Against All Odds -- The Building Blocks of a Kurdish National Identity and Entity -- The Kurdish-Arab Divide on Halabja and Anfal -- The Dissemination of Kurdish National Culture -- The Social Factors in Nation Building -- The Writing on the Wall -- Notes -- ch16-The Great Leap Forward in Post-Saddam Iraq.

The Kurds' Dual Role of State Building -- The Kurdish Bid for Self-Determination -- Map 16.1 Contested Areas in Northern Iraq -- The Challenges Ahead -- Notes -- Part 4-Conclusion -- ch17-"No Friends but the Moutains" Reconsidered -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the Book.
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