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Arbitration law
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London : LLP, 2004.
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cxii, 1080 s. ; 25 cm.
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Hard cover version of the looseleaf work "Arbitration Law.""The manuscript for the present volume was delivered to the publishers at the end of July 2004, and contains the text of the looseleaf as of that date" -- s. [vii].Includes bibliographical refer
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Kitap HFK0061797 İH 178 2004 Hukuk Fakültesi Kütüphanesi Kompact Raf

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Arbitration has established itself as one of the principal methods of dispute resolution. This means that coverage of the latest developments in the arbitral process and the legal proceedings that govern it are essential. Arbitration Law contains all recent case law arising from the Arbitration Act 1996 and includes cases from international jurisdictions that have adopted the Model Arbitration Law (including Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand). It considers the impact of the Civil Procedure Rules on UK arbitration practice and procedure and analyses all the important international conventions UNCITRAL Model Law, New York Convention) and EU measures (Council Regulation 44/2001, Lugano and Rome conventions).