How to hire and fire in 76 jurisdictions için kapak resmi
How to hire and fire in 76 jurisdictions
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The Hague : Kluwer Law International, 2005.
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xxviii, 604 s. ; 24 cm.


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Employment law varies enormously across jurisdictions. In federal systems, it can even vary from state to state. In companies of any size staff in multiple jurisdictions, personnel officers and their lawyers are regularly confronted with a bewildering array of foreign rules and regulations whenever a hiring or firing decision must be made. This immensely valuable, easy-to-use handbook makes sense of it all by providing the clear, uncomplicated basic information that management and lawyers need to proceed quickly to make confident decisions and avoid unnecessary risk. A team of experienced lawyers, each with expertise in his or her own jurisdiction, has been brought together by the Multinational Association of Independent Law Firms (Multilaw) across over 70 global jurisdictions, to provide a comprehensive overview of how labour and industrial law works worldwide. with access to over 5,000 lawyers worldwide, the network is ideally positioned to offer local know-how and qualified labour & employment expertise wherever and whenever needed. Particular emphasis has been given to the following crucial areas:
sources of employment law;types of employment agreements;mandatory requirements relating to hours, earnings, holidays, age, disability, and pensions;training;outsourcing and subcontracting;social security contributions; discipline and grievance;harassment;discrimination;maternity and paternity provisions;termination procedures;severance payments;unemployment allowance payments; and;claims following termination.
The publication makes it easy to source further detailed knowledge and specific advice to confidently manage and understand the implications of each case. the authors represent member firms of Multilaw, one of the world's leading associations of independent law firms, with 63 member firms in 49 countries. Their awareness and experience of the relevant legal issues and procedures in their individual jurisdictions, combined with a fine eye for detail, makes this book truly unique. It is an essential tool for any company operating in several jurisdictions.
Visit the Multinational Association of Independent Law Firms (Multilaw) at for more information about the association


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Biographyp. xi
List of Contributorsp. xiii
Argentinap. 1
Australiap. 9
Austriap. 17
Belgiump. 25
Boliviap. 33
Brazilp. 41
Albertap. 49
British Columbiap. 57
Ontariop. 65
Quebecp. 73
Chilep. 81
Chinap. 89
Colombiap. 97
Costa Ricap. 105
Cyprusp. 113
Czech Republicp. 121
Denmarkp. 129
Ecuadorp. 137
European Unionp. 145
Francep. 153
Germanyp. 161
Hong Kongp. 169
Indiap. 177
Israelp. 185
Italyp. 193
Japanp. 201
Jerseyp. 209
Korea (Republic of)p. 217
Luxembourgp. 225
Malaysiap. 233
Maltap. 241
Mexicop. 249
Netherlandsp. 257
New Zealandp. 265
Panamap. 273
Perup. 281
Philippinesp. 289
Portugalp. 297
Puerto Ricop. 305
South Africap. 313
Spainp. 321
Switzerlandp. 327
Taiwanp. 335
Thailandp. 343
Turkeyp. 351
United Kingdom (not including Northern Ireland)p. 359
United States of America
United States of America (Federal)p. 367
Californiap. 375
Delawarep. 383
Floridap. 391
Georgiap. 399
Hawaiip. 407
Illinoisp. 415
Indianap. 423
Kentuckyp. 431
Mainep. 439
Marylandp. 447
Massachusettsp. 455
Michiganp. 463
Minnesotap. 471
Nevadap. 479
New Jerseyp. 487
New Yorkp. 495
Ohiop. 503
Oregonp. 511
Pennsylvaniap. 519
Rhode Islandp. 527
Tennesseep. 535
Texasp. 543
Virginiap. 551
Washingtonp. 559
Washington, D.C.p. 567
Wisconsinp. 575
Uruguayp. 583
Venezuelap. 589
Vietnamp. 597