A history of English criminal law and its administration from 1750 : grappling for control için kapak resmi
A history of English criminal law and its administration from 1750 : grappling for control
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London : Stevens & Sons, 1968.
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IX, 492 s. ; 25 cm.


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Kitap HFKC0001380 c C897 1968 c. 4 Hukuk Fakültesi Kütüphanesi Ceza Hukuku Kriminoloji Araş. ve Uyg. Merk.

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This vitally important new title provides criminal practitioners and others involved in Scots criminal law with an in-depth narrative guide to the law of criminal defences in Scotland. The comprehensive coverage considers defences in the widest sense, examining not only those which form part of substantive criminal law but also procedural matters such as pleas in bar of trial, abuse of process, delay, entrapment and prejudicial publicity. Drawing on theoretical and comparative material where appropriate, Criminal Defences provides a more detailed treatment of this area than any other existing work and is unique in the quality and scope of its coverage. This title covers all recent changes and developments relating to defences and offers direction on areas where the law is still developing and unclear. Publishing in the highly respected Greens Practice Library series this text presents a comprehensive and up-to-date examination of modern law. Several defences, such as entrapment, have only recently been recognised by the Scottish courts and others, for example delay, have been significantly affected by the Human Rights Act 1998, whilst major decisions such as Drury and Galbraith have reshaped various defences, including diminished responsibility. All these areas are covered in this thorough and indispensable text, providing all the information you need in one place