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Applications of neuroscience : breakthroughs in research and practice için kapak resmi
Applications of neuroscience : breakthroughs in research and practice
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Section 1. Art, creativity, and social issues. Chapter 1. Creativity and the arts ; Chapter 2. Understanding how the mind works: the neuroscience of perception, behavior, and creativity ; Chapter 3. A study on the interface between arts and sciences: neuroesthetics and cognitive neuroscience of art ; Chapter 4. Understanding the interdisciplinary meaning of beauty to neuroscience: designing beauty to neuroscience ; Chapter 5. Perceptual processes and multisensoriality: understanding multimodal art from neuroscientific concepts ; Chapter 6. Enabling creativity: using garden exploration as a vehicle for creative expression and analysis ; Chapter 7. Cognitive and neural mechanisms involved in interactions between touch and emotion ; Chapter 8. Integrating interpersonal neurobiology into the play therapy process: advancing Adlerian play therapy -- Section 2. Computer science and information systems. Chapter 9. Cognitive neuroscience in information systems research ; Chapter 10. Exploring perception, cognition, and neural pathways of stereo vision and the splitbrain human computer interface ; Chapter 11. Development and evaluation of neuroscience computer-based modules for medical students: instructional design principles and effectiveness ; Chapter 12. A strategic perspective on using symbolic transformation in STEM education: robotics and automation -- Section 3. Marketing and management. Chapter 13. Neuromarketing perspective of consumer choice ; Chapter 14. A neuromarketing perspective on measuring marketing influence at the unconsciousness level ; Chapter 15. Neuromarketing and the potential application of scientific methods in measuring consumer behaviour ; Chapter 16. Assessing consumer reactions with neuroscientific measurements ; Chapter 17. Upgrading marketing research: neuromarketing tools for understanding consumers ; Chapter 18. Neuroscience applications on the assessments of TV ads ; Chapter 19. Marketing meets neuroscience: useful insights for gender subgroups during the observation of TV ads ; Chapter 20. The neuroscience of social television ; Chapter 21. Measuring cognitive and emotional processes in retail: a neuroscience perspective ; Chapter 22. Rational, emotional, and neural foundations of economic preferences ; Chapter 23. Economic decision making, emotion, and prefrontal cortex ; Chapter 24. Neuroscience applications in financial markets: a practitioner's perspective.
"This book is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on trends, techniques, and various uses of neuroscience and examines the benefits and challenges of these developments. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as cognitive processes, neuroeconomics, and neural signal processing"--Provided by publisher.


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