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Risk and contingency management : breakthroughs in research and practice için kapak resmi
Risk and contingency management : breakthroughs in research and practice
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Hershey, Pennsylvania (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA) :

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Section 1. Analysis and prevention. Chapter 1. Early warning system for financial crises ; Chapter 2. Early warning tools for financial system distress: current drawbacks and future challenges ; Chapter 3. Understanding the financial derivatives instruments ; Chapter 4. An assessment on inflation risk and its effects on business operations ; Chapter 5. Measuring country risk: a topic of renewed interest ; Chapter 6. Risk analysis using simulation software applied on a road infrastructure project ; Chapter 7. Survival analysis and ROC analysis in analyzing credit risks: assessing default risks over time ; Chapter 8. Marketing financial services and products in different cultural environments -- Section 2. Management and recovery. Chapter 9. Financial risk management: an introduction ; Chapter 10. Stochastic processes for the risk management ; Chapter 11. The effects of situational and dispositional factors on the change in financial risk tolerance ; Chapter 12. Risk management in Green corporate strategies ; Chapter 13. Standardization of information and financial innovation: lessons from mortgage securitization ; Chapter 14. The role of financial market infrastructures in financial stability: an overview ; Chapter 15. Project risk management process for professionals: a value-based approach ; Chapter 16. Risk management in agriculture: production and technical risk management ; Chapter 17. The rise of credit default swaps and its implications on financial stability ; Chapter 18. Financial innovation in medium-sized enterprises optimizes their gravitation towards capital markets: financial future in perspective -- Section 3. Regional and case-specific. Chapter 19. Service risk management in emerging economies ; Chapter 20. The influence of specific criteria of emerging markets on SME financing in MENA markets ; Chapter 21. Emerging markets reward risk: empirical evidence from MENA during 2008 financial crisis ; Chapter 22. The role of financial innovation and the derivatives market in the world and Turkey in the context of the global crisis of 2008 ; Chapter 23. Risk mitigation practices in banking: a study of HDFC bank.
"This book is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on trends and techniques for the prediction and evaluation pf financial risks and how to diminish their effect. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as project management, risk auditing and reporting, and resource management"-- Provided by publisher.


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