Ophthalmology : breakthroughs in research and practice için kapak resmi
Ophthalmology : breakthroughs in research and practice
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Ophthalmology (Information Resources Management Association)
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Section 1. Diagnostics and imaging. Chapter 1. A review of vessel segmentation methodologies and algorithms: comprehensive review ; Chapter 2. Automatic detection of blood vessel in retinal images using vesselness enhancement filter and adaptive thresholding ; Chapter 3. Bloodless technique to detect diabetes using soft computational tool ; Chapter 4. Significant enhancement of segmentation efficiency of retinal images using texture-based gabor filter approach followed by optimization algorithm ; Chapter 5. Analogizing the thinning algorithm and elicitation of vascular landmark in retinal images ; Chapter 6. Principles of binocular stereoscopic imaging ; Chapter 7. Visual perception from object scanning as revealed by electrooculography ; Chapter 8. Case study: resolving diagnostic uncertainties in the clinical presentation of ocular tuberculosis ; Chapter 9. A comparative study on diabetic retinopathy detection using texture-based feature extraction techniques ; Chapter 10. A new EYENET model for diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration: diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration ; Chapter 11. A reversible data hiding scheme for efficient management of tele-ophthalmological data ; Chapter 12. An efficient and lossless cryptosystem for security in tele-ophthalmology applications using chaotic theory ; Chapter 13. Case study: glaucoma and epidemic dropsy - a past possible association revisited ; Chapter 14. Human health diagnosis system based on Iris features ; Chapter 15. An approach for automatic detection and grading of macular edema -- Section 2. Drug delivery and design. Chapter 16. Bioactive compound analysis of coriandrum sativum l against microbial keratitis ; Chapter 17. Nanotechnology for omics-based ocular drug delivery -- Section 3. Visual impairment. Chapter 18. Design analytics of complex communication systems involving two different sensory disabilities ; Chapter 19. Android-based visual tag detection for visually impaired users: system design and testing.
"This book is an innovative reference source for the latest academic material on the identification, treatment, and management methodologies of eye diseases and disorders. Highlighting a range of topics such as retinal prosthesis, ocular diseases, and ophthalmoscopy"--Provided by publisher.


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