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From Newton to Einstein : ask the physicist about mechanics and relativity için kapak resmi
From Newton to Einstein : ask the physicist about mechanics and relativity

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Bristol [England] (Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG, UK) : IOP Publishing

San Rafael [California] (40 Oak Drive, San Rafael, CA, 94903, USA) : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2014]
Fiziksel Tanımlama:
1 online resource (various pagings) : illustrations (some color).
IOP concise physics.
Genel Not:
"A Morgan & Claypool publication as part of IOP Concise Physics"--Title page verso.

"Version: 20141201"--Title page verso.
Preface -- Author biography -- Acknowledgements -- Newtonian mechanics -- Special relativity -- General relativity -- Wacky questions : sci-fi, super heroes, computer games, fantastic weapons, etc. -- Epilogue -- Appendices -- A. Energy -- B. Approximations in Kepler's laws -- C. Rotational physics -- D. Centripetal acceleration -- E. Friction -- F. The constants of electricity and magnetism -- G. Galilean and Lorentz transformations.
Since 2006 the author has run a web site,, where he answers questions about physics. The site is not intended for answering highly technical questions; rather the purpose is to answer, with as little mathematics and formalism as possible, questions from intelligent and curious laypersons. This book is about classical mechanics. Usually 'classical' calls to mind Newtonian mechanics and that is indeed where modern physics started. The bulk of the book is devoted to sections which will contain mainly categorized groups of Q&As from the web site, sort of a Best of Ask the Physicist.
Reading Level:
General readers, physics students, professional scientists.


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From Newton to Einstein is a book devoted to classical mechanics. "Classical" here includes the theory of special relativity as well because, as argued in the book, it is essentially Newtonian mechanics extended to very high speeds. This information is expanded from the author's popular Q&A website, a site aimed primarily at general readers who are curious about how physics explains the workings of the world. Hence, the answers emphasize concepts over formalism, and the mathematics is kept to a minimum. Students new to physics will find discussion and quantitative calculations for areas often neglected in introductory courses (e.g. air drag and non-inertial frames).The author gives us a more intuitive approach to special relativity than normally taught in introductory courses. One chapter discusses general relativity in a completely non-mathematical way emphasizing the equivalence principle and the generalized principle of relativity; the examples in this chapter can offer a new slant on applications of classical mechanics. Another chapter is devoted to the physics of computer games, sci-fi, superheros, and super weapons for those interested in the intersection of popular culture and science.Professional scientists will find topics that they may find amusing and, in some cases, everyday applications that they had not thought of. Brief tutorials are given for essential concepts (e.g. Newton's laws) and appendices give technical details for the interested reader.

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