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Progressive concepts for Semantic Web evolution applications and developments için kapak resmi
Progressive concepts for Semantic Web evolution applications and developments
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2010.
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electronic texts (344 p.) : ill., digital files.
1. Evaluating semantic Web service technologies : criteria, approaches and challenges / Ulrich Küster, Birgitta König-Ries, Matthias Klusch -- 2. Semantic Web services and mobile agents integration for efficient mobile services / Vasileios Baousis, Vassilis Spiliopoulos, Elias Zavitsanos, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, Lazaros Merakos -- 3. Mobile ontologies : concept, development, usage, and business potential / Jari Veijalainen -- 4. Service provisioning through real world objects / Massimo Paolucci, Gregor Broll, John Hamard, Enrico Rukzio, Matthias Wagner, Albrecht Schmidt -- 5. Semantic-based Bluetooth-RFID interaction for advanced resource discovery in pervasive contexts / Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco Maria Donini, Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Eufemia Tinelli -- 6. In defense of ambiguity redux / Patrick J. Hayes, Harry Halpin -- 7. Identity of resources and entities on the Web / Valentina Presutti, Aldo Gangemi -- 8. Ontological indeterminacy and the semantic Web or why the controversy over same-sex marriage poses a fundamental problem for current semantic Web architecture / Allen Ginsberg -- 9. Ontology driven document identification in semantic Web / Marek Reformat, Ronald R. Yager, Zhan Li -- 10. A fuzzy ontology generation framework from fuzzy relational databases / Z.M. Ma, Yanhui Lv, Li Yan --

11. Tightly coupled fuzzy description logic programs under the answer set semantics for the semantic Web / Thomas Lukasiewicz, Umberto Straccia -- 12. Evolutionary conceptual clustering based on induced pseudo-metrics / Nicola Fanizzi, Claudia d'Amato, Floriana Esposito -- 13. Nested optional join for efficient evaluation of SPARQL nested optional graph patterns / Artem Chebotko, Shiyong Lu -- 14. An associative and adaptive network model for information retrieval in the semantic Web / Peter Scheir, Peter Prettenhofer, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, Chiara Ghidini.
"This book presents innovative educational and learning models that meet current complex educational demands"--Provided by publisher.
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Semantic Web technologies and applications have become increasingly important as new methods for understanding and expressing information are discovered.Progressive Concepts for Semantic Web Evolution: Applications and Developments unites research on essential theories, models, and applications of Semantic Web research. Contributions focus on mobile ontologies and agents, fuzzy databases, and new approaches to retrieval and evaluation in the Semantic Web.

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