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İsevilik işaretleri
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İstanbul : E-Kitap Projesi, 2008
Fiziksel Tanımlama:
600 p.
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E-Kitap 2353257-1001 BV2765 .U47 2008 Hiper Kitap E-Kitap Koleksiyonu

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"Christianity and Christians about Jesus and is different from many perspectives. Invented by Paul against the Jewish belief in Tawhid and inserted this false Christianity by a Christian belief, the starting point is the philosophy of Plato LOGOS ascribe human characteristics attributes of deity. Nicene Creed (Nicene Council), the most common document with the principles of the Christian belivers. "Isevilik ve isa a.s. ile ilgili Hristiyan bakis acilari #65533;ok ve farklidir. Ele aldigimiz 600 sayfadan olusan bu onemli Turkce eserimizde, Hz. isa'nin getirdigi Tevhid dini olan isevilik, sonradan yapilan ekleme ve tahrifatlarla, Hz. isa'nın Seriat'inda buyuk degisiklikler yapılmasiyla gerceklikten nasıl saptirilmis oldugu ilk defa DAN BROWN'un "DA VINCI SIFRESI" kitabinin "SIR" olarak kalan meselelerine de ilk defa deginilerek, bu kadar net bir sekilde ilk kez bu eserde detayli olarak gorulecektir. Teslis, ilk defa M.S. 325'te Roma Imparatoru Buyuk Konstantin zamaninda Iznik kentinde, Nicaea Konsulu tarafindan kabul edildi. Maksat, teslis inanciyla ilgili anlasmazliklari #65533;ozmekti. Fakat Konsey, MERYEM OGLU HZ. ISA MESIH'in Allah'in kendisi olduguna karar verdi.." Signs Christianity (Jesus Signs), this work is called, the formation of Christian history, development, first the lives of Jesus and the date of receipt of the sky, where he lived in Palestine and the Middle East two thousand years ago, geographic, political, economic and socio-cultural structure, including the various maps, sketches and historical and taking advantage of the data in an objective way to address this topic in a chronological order of history is a examining in detailed study. The purpose of this book, holy books and the Bible, 1- Representation of parts of the real and the truth, 2- About the realities of Jesus, 3- With the relevant parts of the process of Biblical apocalypse. By taking a scientific context (History, Geography, Sociology and Archaeology of the positive sciences, such as the help) of the revelation of the Quran with the help of light and enlighten. So this study, the falsification of the laws given by God through Moses and the sons of Israel which is the true God of the Bible originally due to the disappearance of the book by first coming of Jesus, and the corruption that exists, with some accurate information and true Bible ' where the canonical and apocryphal quotations, and parts from the information which is considered the Bible, biblical information, truth and reality closer to reality for a correction and conversion to Christianity in the work. 'Two great religions of the Book, is al-subject, ie, Christian and Jewish, Allah (God) floor of the Religion of Truth, under the name of Christianity the religion of Islam, combining the three try to collect a single roof, and the Prophet. Prepare the ground for the second coming of Jesus, a new study. Gospel and the Prophet which was revealed to the Jesus. Love God which was revealed to Moses, a book based on the belief that by and tawhid, people ascribe Deity Historical Logos and Chaos theory, and mathematical data, such as the invalidity of philosophy, the Bible and ancient texts and documents to prove Announcement and running maps using a work of art ...

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