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Grassroots library advocacy:  a special report için kapak resmi
Grassroots library advocacy: a special report
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American Library Association, 2012.
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82 p.
1. Getting Started.

2. Message and Visibility.

3. Navigating Relationships.

4. Putting Yourself Out There: The nuts and bolts of advocacy.

Cover, Title,Grassroots library advocacy: a special report--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Contents--Preface, Introduction, TOC,Introduction--References, Appendix, Index,Appendix--References, Appendix, Index,Index.


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E-Kitap 1383063-1001 XX(1383063.1) ALA E-Kitap Koleksiyonu

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Library issues are community issues--it's not enough to simply marshal internal library resources to fight cutbacks. When properly harnessed, public engagement can be the most powerful force of all for library advocacy. But rounding up advocates from the wider community and conducting a grassroots effort demands careful planning and commitment. This ALA Editions Special Report cuts through the rhetoric and gets straight to modeling a plan of action, for libraries big and small, byDetailing the lessons learned during the authors' successful campaign to save New York City librariesInstructing readers how to clarify the message, manage volunteers, and plan eventsOffering public relations strategies, including advice for dealing with political leaders and the mediaThis indispensable report goes beyond the "what-to-do" of library advocacy and explains how to do it right

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This book describes a social group of librarians from the three large New York City library systems (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens) who evolved into Urban Librarians Unite, an activist group, along with helpful community members, dedicated to saving their libraries from crippling budget and staff cuts. A 24-hour read-in on the steps of the Brooklyn Library in the rain begins the colorful and often hilarious events (think zombies in full costume) designed by ULU to raise public attention to the plight of libraries. Grassroots Library Advocacy illustrates lessons learned along the way, such as how to organize, the importance of communication, ways to think strategically, and suggestions for getting active. There is not a wasted word or idea in this well-written and bold primer for all librarians interested in and working to achieve changes in their libraries.--Cohen, Sharon Copyright 2010 Booklist

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