Optimization techniques for problem solving in uncertainty için kapak resmi
Optimization techniques for problem solving in uncertainty
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Chapter 1. A Survey on grey optimization -- Chapter 2. Grey optimization problems using prey-predator algorithm -- Chapter 3. Optimality principles for fuzzy dual uncertain systems -- Chapter 4. A study of fully fuzzy linear fractional programming problems by signed distance ranking technique -- Chapter 5. Advances in fuzzy dynamic programming -- Chapter 6. Selected topics in robust optimization -- Chapter 7. A fuzzy measure of vulnerability for the optimization of vehicle routing problems with time windows -- Chapter 8. Experimental investigation for performance optimization of biodiesel-fueled diesel engine using Taguchi-Gray relational analysis -- Chapter 9. Land cover classification using the proposed texture model and fuzzy k-NN classifier -- Chapter 10. Supply chain network design in uncertain environment: a review and classification of related models.
"This book is devoted to recent developments, reviews and tutorials of decision making or optimization under uncertainty. Different models ranging from stochastic to grey and their connection will be outlines with highlighting possible future works along with applications on real case problems"-- Provided by publisher.
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