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Preservation and shelf life extension : UV applications for fluid foods için kapak resmi
Preservation and shelf life extension : UV applications for fluid foods
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First edition.
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London, UK :

Elsevier, Academic Press,

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1 online resource (75 pages).
Novel Technologies in the Food Industry
Front Cover; Preservation and Shelf Life Extension; Copyright Page; Contents; Introduction; 1 Fundamentals of UV Light Emission, Transmission, and Absorption; 2 UV Light Microbial Effects; 2.1 Evaluation of UVC Resistance of Food Organisms; 2.2 UVC Wavelength Effect on Bacterial Inactivation; 3 UV Light Sources; 4 UV Systems for Fluid Products; 4.1 Annular UV Systems; 4.1.1 Laminar Flow; 4.1.2 Turbulent Flow; 4.2 Static Mixers; 4.3 Dynamic Mixers; 5 Control Parameters in UV Processing; 5.1 Product Parameters; 5.1.1 Optical Properties; 5.1.2 Physicochemical Properties; 5.2 Process Parameters.

5.2.1 UV Fluence and UV Dose5.2.2 Fluid Flow Dynamics; 6 Establishment of Preservation Process Using UV Light; 6.1 Acid and Acidified Foods; 6.2 Low-Acid Pasteurized Products; 6.3 Identification of the Organism of Concern; 6.4 Selection of the Process Target End Point; 6.5 Estimation of the Ability of the Process to Consistently Deliver the Target Performance; 6.6 Quantitative Validation Studies; 7 Novel Preservation Applications of UV Light; 7.1 Fresh Juice Products; 7.2 Wines; 7.3 Dairy Products; 7.4 Liquid Ingredients; 7.4.1 Sugar Syrups and Sweeteners.

7.4.2 Whole Eggs and Liquid Egg Components7.4.3 Brewing Applications; 8 Energy Evaluation in UV Flow Systems; 9 Regulatory Aspects of UV Technology Commercialization; 10 UV Safety; Conclusion; References.
Preservation and Shelf Life Extension focuses on the basic principles of ultraviolet light technology as applied in low-UV transmittance treatments of food fluids and solid foods. It describes the features of UV light absorption in food fluids and available commercial systems, and provides case studies for UV treatment of fresh juices, dairy products, wines, and beer. The book also includes information on various continuous and pulsed UV sources and processing systems, as well as examples of specific treatments for fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry products.


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