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Smart grid analytics for sustainability and urbanization için kapak resmi
Smart grid analytics for sustainability and urbanization
9781522539971 1522539972
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Hershey, Pennsylvania (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA) :

IGI Global,

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16 PDFs (xix, 306 pages)
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Chapter 1. Industry 4.0: nothing is more steady than change -- Chapter 2. Conceptual foundations of creating sustainable development strategy of smart cities: environmental aspect -- Chapter 3. How internet of things is transforming project management -- Chapter 4. Smart cities, smart grids, and smart grid analytics: how to solve an urban problem -- Chapter 5. Analysis of the nexus between smart grid, sustainable energy consumption, and the smart city -- Chapter 6. Future directions to the application of distributed fog computing in smart grid systems -- Chapter 7. Mining smart meter data: opportunities and challenges -- Chapter 8. Communications technologies for smart grid applications: a review of advances and challenges -- Chapter 9. Understanding smart city solutions in Turkish cities from the perspective of sustainability.
"This book identifies the likely trajectories of development of information technology and communication systems, process technologies and methods of Smart Grid Analytics for the Smart City. It explores the importance of understanding how process analysis in energy usage is manifested and how it can be enhanced at various levels in Smart Cities"-- Provided by publisher.
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