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Encyclopedia of knowledge management
9781591405740 (PDF) 1591405742 (PDF)
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Hershey, Pa. : IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA), c2006.
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electronic texts (xxx, 897, 8, 9 p. : ill. (some col.)) : digital files.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Anti-foundational knowledge management / Tom Butler -- Aristotelian view of knowledge management / David G. Schwartz -- Biological and information systems approaches / Barry E. Atkinson and Frada Burstein -- Capability maturity / Alfs T. Berztiss -- Communities of practice / Elayne Coakes and Steve Clarke -- Competitive advantage of knowledge management / Gabriel Cepeda-Carrión -- Competitive intelligence gathering / Kevin R. Parker and Philip S. Nitse -- Computational experimentation / Mark E. Nissen and Raymond E. Levitt -- Coopetition / Claudia Loebbecke and Albert Angehrn -- Corporate semantic Webs / Rose Dieng-Kuntz -- Creating knowledge for business decision making / Shiraj Khan, Auroop R. Ganguly, and Amar Gupta -- Customer knowledge management / Scott Paquette -- Data semantics / Daniel W. Gillman -- Description logic-based resource retrieval / Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini, and Marina Mongiello -- Dissemination in portals / Steven Woods, Stephen R. Poteet, Anne Kao, and Lesley Quach -- Distributed knowledge management / Roberta Cuel, Paolo Bouquet, and Matteo Bonifacio -- Document search practices / Karen L. Corral, Ryan C. LaBrie, and Robert D. St. Louis -- Domain ontologies / Matteo Cristani and Roberta Cuel -- Dynamic taxonomies / Giovanni M. Sacco -- E-learning for knowledge dissemination / Shyamala C. Sivakumar -- Engineering design knowledge management / Z.M. Ma --

Epistemology and knowledge management / Jeremy Aarons -- External and internal knowledge in organizations / Rafael Andreu and Sandra Sieber -- External knowledge integration / Jeroen Kraaijenbrink and Fons Wijnhoven -- Extracting knowledge from neural networks / Christie M. Fuller and Rick L. Wilson -- Frequent itemset mining and association rules / Susan Imberman and Abdullah Uz Tansel -- Healthcare knowledge management / Kostas Metaxiotis -- Hierarchical model for knowledge management, A / Nicolas Prat -- Human capital in knowledge creation, management and utilization / Iris Reychav and Jacob Weisberg -- ICT and knowledge management systems / Irma Becerra-Fernandez and Rajiv Sabherwal -- Incentive structures in knowledge management / Hamid R. Ekbia and Noriko Hara -- Inquiring organizations / Dianne Hall and David Croasdell -- Integrated modeling / Thomas Hädrich and Ronald Maier -- Integrating knowledge management with the systems analysis process / Doron Tauber and David G. Schwartz -- Integration of knowledge management and e-learning / Dongming Xu and Huaiqing Wang -- Intellectual capital / HY Sonya Hsu and Peter P. Mykytyn Jr. -- Intellectual capital and knowledge management / Gil Ariely -- Intelligence and counterterrorism tasks / Antonio Badia -- Interesting knowledge patterns in databases / Rajesh Natarajan and B. Shekar -- Intranet and organizational learning / Kees Boersma and Sytze Kingma -- Knowledge calibration / Ronald E. Goldsmith and Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai --

Knowledge communication / Martin J. Eppler -- Knowledge creation / Nilmini Wickramasinghe -- Knowledge flow / Vincent M. Ribière and Juan A. Román -- Knowledge in innovation processes / Marco Paukert, Claudia Niederée, and Matthias Hemmje -- Knowledge integration / Hans Berends, Hans van der Bij, and Mathieu Weggeman -- Knowledge intermediation / Enrico Scarso, Ettore Bolisani, and Matteo Di Biagi -- Knowledge management agents / Leon Sterling -- Knowledge management governance / Suzanne Zyngier -- Knowledge management in professional service firms / Dieter Fink and Georg Disterer -- Knowledge management in safety-critical systems analysis / Guy Boy and Yvonne Barnard -- Knowledge management ontology / Clyde W. Holsapple and K.D. Joshi -- Knowledge management processes / Frank Land, Urooj Amjad, and Sevasti-Melissa Nolas -- Knowledge management software / Rodrigo Baroni de Carvalho and Marta Araújo Tavares Ferreira -- Knowledge management strategy formation / Clyde W. Holsapple and Kiku Jones -- Knowledge management success models / Murray E. Jennex -- Knowledge management system success factors / Murray E. Jennex -- Knowledge management systems / Ronald Maier and Thomas Hädrich -- Knowledge oganizations / Daniel L. Davenport and Clyde W. Holsapple -- Knowledge producers and consumers / Atreyi Kankanhalli, Bernard C.Y. Tan, and Kwok-Kee Wei -- Knowledge representation / Gian Piero Zarri --

Knowledge representation in pattern management / Pankaj Kamthan and Hsueh-Ieng Pai -- Knowledge reuse / Ilan Oshri -- Knowledge sharing / William R. King -- Knowledge sharing barriers / Keith L. Lindsey -- Knowledge sharing between individuals / Carolyn McKinnell Jacobson -- Knowledge sharing in legal practice / Chad Saunders -- Knowledge structure and data mining techniques / Rick L. Wilson, Peter A. Rosen, and Mohammad Saad Al-Ahmadi -- Knowledge synthesis framework / Kam Hou Vat -- Knowledge transfer / William R. King -- Knowledge transfer between academia and industry / Franz Hofer -- Knowledge visualization / Martin J. Eppler and Remo A. Burkhard -- Learning in organizations / Irena Ali, Leoni Warne, and Celina Pascoe -- Learning networks and service oriented architectures / George Tsekouras and George Roussos -- Legal knowledge management / John Zeleznikow -- Logic and knowledge bases / J. Grant and J. Minker -- Mapping group knowledge / Duncan Shaw -- Mathematical knowledge management / William M. Farmer -- Measuring knowledge management capabilities / Uday Kulkarni and Ronald Freeze -- Measuring organizational learning as a multidimensional construct / Juan C. Real, Antonio Leal, and Jose L. Roldan -- Mentoring knowledge workers / Ciara Heavin and Karen Neville -- Military knowledge management / R. William Maule -- MNE knowledge management across borders and ICT / Jürgen Kai-Uwe Brock and Yu Josephine Zhou -- Mobile knowledge management / Volker Derballa and Key Pousttchi --

Mobile technology for knowledge management / Volker Derballa and Key Pousttchi -- Motivation for knowledge work / Paul H.J. Hendriks and Célio A.A. Sousa -- Multidisciplinary project teams / Patrick S.W. Fong -- Musical metadata and knowledge management / François Pachet -- Narrative / Dave Snowden -- Object-process methodology / Dov Dori -- Ontology / William Buchholz -- Operational knowledge management / Fons Wijnhoven -- Operational knowledge management in the military / Gil Ariely -- Organisational storytelling / N.A.D. Connell -- Organizational attention / Eyal Yaniv and David G. Schwartz -- Organizational communication / Dov Te'eni -- Organizational semantic Webs / Jean-Yves Fortier and Gilles Kassel -- Organizational structure / Paul H.J. Hendriks -- Postmortem reviews / Torgeir Dingsøyr -- Practice-based knowledge integration / Glenn Munkvold -- RDF and OWL / Gian Piero Zarri -- Representation languages for narrative documents / Gian Piero Zarri -- Secure knowledge discovery in databases / Rick L. Wilson, Peter A. Rosen, and Mohammad Saad Al-Ahmadi -- Secure knowledge management / S. Upadhyaya, H. Raghav Rao, and G. Padmanabhan -- Sketching in knowledge creation and management / Fernando Ferri and Patrizia Grifoni -- Social capital knowledge / Daniel L. Davenport and Clyde W. Holsapple -- Social network analysis / David J. Dekker and Paul H.J. Hendriks -- Social network perspective on knowledge management, A / Reed E. Nelson and HY Sonya Hsu --

Tacit knowledge sharing / Syed Z. Shariq and Morten Thanning Vendelo -- Task-based knowledge management / Frada Burstein and Henry Linger -- Taxonomies of knowledge / Phillip Ein-Dor -- Theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management / Frank Land, Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, and Urooj Amjad -- Understanding innovation processes / Sue Newell -- Understanding organizational memory / Sajjad M. Jasimuddin, N.A.D. Connell, and Jonathan H. Klein -- Virtue-nets / David Croasdell and Y. Ken Wang -- Work and knowledge / Tom Butler and Ciaran Murphy -- Workflow systems and knowledge management / Alfs T. Berztiss.
"This encyclopedia is a research reference work documenting the past, present, and possible future directions of knowledge management"--Provided by publisher.
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